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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are informations that internet websites save on those computer that reach them, this informations are saved in a specific area of your computer by your browser. this infomration don't compromise in any way the funcionality of your computer and have the only purpose of communicating to the website in an eventual second access. Cookies can be of different kinds, like necessary for the website functionality, to guarantee the safety of passwords and during financial transactions, keeping stats of the website access, to save user settings and to allow condivisions through social networks or for companies to track your behaviour in order to show you targeted advertisements.

Which cookies does use

This website uses cookies necessary for the wabsite functionality and to collet statistical data about the accesses to optimize the service, more specifically through the service google analytics. Your navigation will not be tracked by for commercial use. The third party services ued by this website are youtube and google maps uses the no cookies version of such services. During your navigation on there will not be tracking or third party cookies saved on your browser.

Specifically we list all the cookies saved by

  • _bllang has the purpose of saving the favourite language of the user between italian and english.
  • session cookies, these cookies are necessary for the website functionality and will be cancelled as you close your browser.

Use of google analytics

According to italian law in order ot reduce google analytic's cookies to simple technical cookies the procedure has been anonimized, this means whit your accesses to this website it won't be registerd the full ip address of your computer, but part of it will be ignored registering just the generic geographic area where you are located. For more infomrations please read the company policy for the service: Google privacit policy. To disabilitate google analytics please visit:

How to disabilitate cookies from browser

You can disabilitate cookies on your browser through its settings, here we list where to find the procedure for the most common browsers:

Third party services policies

Even if uses the no cookie version of the services youtube and google maps, we provide you the links to their cookie policies for educational propuses:

Thanks for reading this infomrative, to go back to the hompage use the navigation menu. We wish you a happy navigation.